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berrys fashion
Brand Story Hair business was started from Qing Dynasty, our ancestors went to remote village in Vietnam, Burma to collect young girls' hair material to export. a lot of Korean company set up a location in China during 1960s, my father was one of the employee there, he learned skills to make hair weft. Then he went home and start his own business. With the trend of international trade, Berrys Fashion was built in 2010. By chance of Ali-express just started, I opened my first online store. We definitely know that girls were sick of cheap quality hair after years of experience. So we only sell top quality real human hair. From selecting hair material to the packaging, each of bundle is under at least 3 times quality test involving bleach, tangle, and burn testing.We won reputation of our high quality hair , and many women came to us by recommending . 6 years experience of Ali-express store and US warehouse experience, we get more close to our customers and improve our quality with customer requirements. Berrys Fashion to us, is not just a name, but our family, family for all beauty Divas. High quality material, exquisite technique for over 20 years. Our hair can last at least 3 years under well care. What achievements we are having now? we are the gold medal seller on Ali-express in the past 6 years! we visited 20 cities in US every year! we have 89% returned customer every month! We didn't go up the price for 2 years! we sold millions of bundles every month! We no big words but good quality hair! That's how we start and that's how we keep moving!